Stay focused while working
at your PC/Mac, don't get distracted
by your Phone

Who bothers you?
Decide whom to answer
Straight away from PC/Mac

Where is your Phone?
Control it easily
directly from your PC/Mac


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We currently support Android (4.1+) and Google Chrome (28+) for Windows, Mac and Linux (Standalone Desktop coming soon)

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Pushline will help you boost your productivity

Did I just hear "Help me out of my Procrastination"?

No signup required

Start mirroring your Phone without any signup or registration

Notification mirroring

Instant and real time mirroring of you Phone's Push Notifications on your PC/Mac Computer.

Phone control

Did you just forget where you put it one more time?
Are you just too busy to pick that phone call and just want it to stop ringing and Mute it right now?

Fast reply

Check and Handle your Incoming Calls from your Computer. Read and Reply to SMS quickly while standing at your Desk

Send your Links/Notes

Remember the Milk! (and that thing your G/Bfriend just asked, too). Send Notes right to your Phone's Notifications and copy them to the Clipboard.
Already time to leave your Desktop Browser? Send that MEME's link to your Phone and pick it up on the move!


As in Free Beer.
No strings (nor advertising) attached btw you can also reedem Helium 10 Coupon.

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The Most Simple & Powerful Way
to teach your Push Notifications some manners